Top 5 Keyword Research Tool For PPC

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Many small business owners neglect or ignore the PPC because it requires a not-so-small investment to get started and keep going. This is the wrong approach. With the right keyword research, you can significantly improve your chances of success with a sponsored link campaign.

Use keywords on your page to make sure the right audience sees your ads. You also see an increase in the click through rate (CTR) of these ads on your site.

We the best PPC Company in India put together a list of tools to help you find the best keywords for your PPC campaigns.

  1. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a free keyword analysis tool. It’s part of Google AdWords.

This tool is very popular among SEO experts. It is also one of the most reliable tools for PPC keyword research and analysis. When you start a new website, make sure to use this free tool, as well as experienced SEO experts.

Use this free tool to find potential keywords for your campaign, including the monthly search volume for each keyword. This is one of the best ways to pick the right keywords.

Although originally offered exclusively to AdWords users for the creation of PPC campaigns, this tool is equally effective for finding SEO keywords, which is an additional benefit.

  1. Ubersuggest

This tool is all inclusive. If you use UberSuggest for keyword search, use one of the most powerful keyword analysis tools on the market.

Ubersuggest can help you to optimize the SEO of your website. You can also find unique keywords for your sponsored campaigns.

  1. Wordstream

Wordstream’s Free Keyword Suggestion Tool is one of the most advanced keyword research tools available. It can provide a highly relevant keyword analysis for the niche of your choice.

Wordstream has an extensive collection of long-tail match options in its database that you can integrate into your campaigns. In recent years, we’ve found that users are more likely to type long-tail keywords when searching for a query.

  1. Wordtracker Scout

Smart marketers know that your competitors’ campaigns are one of the best places to search for PPC keywords. You can get great keyword suggestions by looking at the areas where your competitors invest time and money.

It should also be noted that the SEO Audit feature is one of the best features of Wordtracker Scout. This will help you to raise the SEO of your website to a higher level.

By using Wordtracker Scout you will never forget what your competitors are doing. The competition might be to try something new or focus on a keyword that you’ve been looking for months.

  1. Google Analytics

I do not want to Miss Google Analytics for the best and most cost-effective keyword analysis tools. Google Analytics is an indispensable tool for any SEO expert or PPC analyst.

Get an overview of your campaigns with this valuable and free tool. Google Analytics displays the statistics of your website in an easy-to-understand format, even for tech savvy people.

You can improve the performance of your PPC campaigns after analyzing your Google Analytics dashboard. This tool divides keyword activity and even traffic by hour and day.

When you visit the Organic Search section of the Google Analytics dashboard, you will see keywords that other visitors have used to access your website. Use this information to fix issues that are not working and to build a strong campaign.

All of the above tools will help you build a well-designed PPC campaign. Be realistic and expand your horizons in finding the best keywords. is the top PPC Services Provider in Delhi. We are a Google certified partner company.