How to Monitor Teen’s WhatsApp Group Chat?

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Have you seen people that are too much obsessed with the social messaging apps? WhatsApp social media app is one of them. Dramatically, the numbers of teenage users are above than all. They spend most of the time on the social media app to perform multiple activities. Teens do activities such as text messages, chat conversations, WhatsApp group chat, and WhatsApp Voice messages.

If I am not wrong, teens are addicted to the WhatsApp social networking app. Apart from using fascinating features of the instant messaging app they also use it for dating, sexting, to hook up with strangers such as stalkers, cyber bullies. However, teens have found willingly to make a connection with strangers.

They make interaction for sexual reasons that ultimately turned into dangerous incidents such as gang rape and kidnapping. Obviously, it would be very suffering stories for the parents and who come to know all these horrible stories they really got scared. So, they want to monitor teen’s WhatsApp group chat and other activities of teens. But the question arises how it is possible?

Install cellphone spy app & monitor teen’s WhatsApp group chat:

If you want to spy on your teen’s WhatsApp group chat then you need to install mobile phone spy app on the target device. Then you will be able to get WhatsAppspy app tool that makes you capable of spying on the installed WhatsApp messenger logs including group conversations.

Therefore, parents have to have subscribed for the phone spy app. Then you will receive an email that contains the passcode and ID. Now get physical access on the target device and start the installation process. When it is done, very next step you need to take is to activate it on the target device. During the process of activation, you will have two pop –up option on target device screen.

The first option is to make the monitoring app for WhatsApp sneaky or you can use it the way it is. Now choose your best option and activate the cell phone monitoring software on the target device. Further, just use the credentials you have got when you get the subscription. You will be able to get access to the online control panel.

Once you have the access to the web portal you will get WhatsApp spy app tools to track teen’s group chat to the fullest. Let’s describe all the tools of the cell phone tracking app that can monitor WhatsApp logs to the fullest.

Monitor WhatsApp group chat with mobile phone monitoring app tools:
IM’s Social Media:

You can view and monitor the WhatsApp logs with complete time stamp using the WhatsApp monitoring software on teen’s device. You can view the social messaging logs such as text messages, text conversations, WhatsApp group chat, audio, and video conversation and shared media files like photos and videos. However, the user can also get the logs of the WhatsApp Voice calls. It means end user can track the WhatsApp instant messaging software completely and get to know each and every single activity teens have performed on the social media app.

Live Screen Recording:

Parents can also use live WhatsApp screen recording in order to capture the group chat within real-time when teens are busy in making group conversations on the social messaging app. It enables a user to do the screen recording of the teen’s device screen in real time and send back to back short videos to the online control panel. The user can view the live screen recorded videos of the WhatsApp group chat and get to know what they are talking about and to whom they are having conversations with a complete time stamp.


The end user can remotely capture the screenshots of all the activities happens on the target device installed WhatsApp messenger. Parents can also schedule multiple screenshots to get more and more information from the target device screen with the time stamp.


WhatsApp monitoring app is the best of the best tool of the phone surveillance software. It allows users to view the logs of WhatsApp messenger along with complete time stamp. Ultimately, the monitoring tools have proven to be the best tech-piece to set parental control on teen’s WhatsApp activities.