Top 5 Tips For Creating Your Best SEO Content To Increase Traffic In 2019

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Earlier, the majority of the articles on SEO were written about technical optimization. But now, thanks to the modern admin panel that enable to handle technical errors successfully. These days, content comes to the forefront in SEO for internet marketing. Therefore, it makes no sense to create content which is not users engaging. And there is nothing worse than Google bury your content among thousands of search results. To avoid such worse situations, you must publish content based on users need and that can increase traffic in 2019. Here are some tips for you:

  1. Write Uniquely

Google always appreciate unique and original contents to rank high on their result page. Therefore, while creating content for the user, always keep your self away from the effect of plagiarism. It will act as dig one’s own grave. You will be responsible for your website low ranking. Moreover, plagiarism content is not user engaging and will not be able to generate traffic on your website.

Writing unique and original content is impossible without unique and original ideas, as it does not matter how the topic sound trite. But, your content must be non-trivial and able to engage the users for a long time.

  1. Always Use Engaging Titles

A Sheer headline can easily describe the fate of the content. Many users make their decision, whether to go through the content or not based on its title only. Therefore, in this regards, an SEO specialist eye-catchy headlines can land traffic on your site. Additionally, to highlight the effect of your title you can add keywords in the title to please Google and users.

In addition to the cool title, a quality meta-description also play an important role to grab user’s attention. Most important do not forget to add keywords there too.

  1. Core Focus on User Intent

In 2019, the whole focus of Google and other major search engines is based on the user’s needs. Therefore, the Google rank the content high that stimulate the target keywords. These can include words, phrases, or sentence that the user uses for natural search. If your content contains all these, there is no other power that can stop your content to rank high. So, while creating content you must study the:

  • Who is your audience?
  • What is their niche of information required?
  • Why they need that?
  • What keywords they will use to obtain useful information?

So, study on these segments before creating content.

  1. Use Related Images

As per the survey, 95% of the people get easily annoyed when they found only text in your article. Many times, without reading your content they switch your website. This is a really disturbing factor. Therefore, while creating content you must add related images and if possible add video to attract the audience. Adding the relevant images makes your content more cohesive, professional and authoritative and help for better SEO too.

  1. Take Advantage of Featured Snippets

The demand for featured snippets is boosting with every day passes. From the last few months, it is getting great attention in the SERP and is continuing in 2019 too. The snippet is basically, a little block of information related to food, education or restaurants on the top google results. This steals a great amount of traffic on the internet with is rating and reviews scanerio. But, if you want to improve the likelihood of your content, there are a few tactics that you must try. Like:

  • Add question answer in your content
  • Make your content high quality
  • Don’t forget to add numbers and bullet list
  • Use data and stats

Bottom Line:

Hope, the above-mentioned points help you for creating your best SEO content to increase traffic in 2019. Moreover, to add more value to your content you must do original research,  focus on readability, go deeper into your content,  improve your page speed, provide the facts and many more. These will help you to land indefinite traffic on your website.

Author Bio:

Lauren McLaren was born and raised in Australia. She is working for Digital Muscle limited – The Best affordable SEO company in Australia. She has a team of SEO experts who help her with every project. She’s hardworking, competent and trustworthy. In her spare time, she loves to read, cook and watch movies.