Top 10 Business listing directories to promote your business in USA

Business listing directories

Have you ever realized that you could simply kick off your online business listings with some of the online business listing directories on the internet?

For this you need to choose tolist your business on the internet as to get instant exposure for almost no cost. These professional business listing sites should take the necessary steps with the goal that you get the opportunity to grow your business.

Things being what they are, so, what are you really waiting for? You need to get started with your businesses online presence in order for your targeted and potential audience can find you with ease locally.

You should simply kick back and enjoy this list of business listing sites your business, ask every now and again as we regularly update this list– and furthermore endeavor to share this just if you find this post helpful.

These top 10 business listing directories in USA have the tendency to increase exposure for your business.

Bing Places For Business:

Did you know that only Google has been able outpace Bing search engine till now? Just because of this, most of the people who own Windows 8, smart tablets, and desktop systems keep Bing as their default search engine.

When you choose for your business listing, you have the options to add numerous business locations, video clips, pictures, and much more during your easy and free registration.

Bing is a platform from where you can list your business for the vast majority of the local clients close to you. Get in today, as the Bing portal is growing rapidly.

Google My Business:

Google, is considered as the God Father of all search engines and to be honest, there is really no surprise to it. Many of the expert in the USA suggest to start with the free GMB. There is no doubt that Google by far a stretch outperforms every other search engine.

What is the greatest advantage of opting for GMB for business? Well, it is listing your business’s exact location on a user-friendly map. This simply implies that you will be more visible to the vast majority of users.

Yahoo Local Listing:

The Yahoo search engine is ranked as the third best search engines, Google being the first and Bing the second. Well, you might be unaware of the fact that Yahoo services draw almost millions of searches on a daily basis.

Although, Yahoo is now not considered to be search engine giant as it used to be, but Yahoo Local listing is still a great supplement to your online local business strategy.


One of the best online business listing source for candid consumer’s reviews is none other than “YELP”. How is it different than others? It lets you send private and public messages to the customers and you’ll have the chance to review the business trends.

So, why wait? Even car repairing shops, restaurants, shopping malls, and similar business ventures have started to take advantages from such a platform.

The Yellow Pages:

The Yellow pages website is an online hub for yellow pages directories. This online hub helps you add details such as business demographics, category, names, and much more to it, so that the potential customers find it convenient to search for the best services provider as per their needs and wants.


Manta calls itself one of the biggest online resources committed to small scaled business. The Manta listing directory boasts millions, one of a kind visitors consistently who scan our complete database for individual business, industry sections, and geographic-explicit postings.

Registration is super quick and takes into account the featuring of your items alongside optimization packages.

The Foursquare: 

This statistic based social media platform allows you to incorporate the key information about your business with the objective that customers can find you locally. In any case, by then you can in like manner make offers or progressions to pull in customers who use the Foursquare application on their smart devices.

Angie’s Lists:

Basically most of the people use Angie’s list to make a free profile for your formal business information. This online platform allows the followers to leave back feedbacks about your business service and products. You will likewise have the expert to speak with the clients while you use this online platform for your business listing.


This online platform has some expertise in posting for the majority of the home repair and home services organizations.

You have the alternative to make a free professional resource on their locales or you can likewise pay for an updated posting that should improve your online nearness on the web.


Did you know that Facebook is now viewed as one of the giants of social media places where people find information about various business services and product?

Then again, only if you agree to sign up on a business page, the general population can discover your business and all the important information that you have included just via looking through the search bar as opposed to doing it on the search engines.

Author: Justin Mark has been running his digital marketing agency (CityLocalPro) for more than few years. The mutual interest in digital marketing took him here, where he opt online marketing as a profession. His tactics and marketing strategies are not bound by any form but confide the latest trends and happenings of digital marketing and the ways SEO is tackling it.