Why Should You Host Your Website With MilesWeb Hosting Services

What do you look for in a hosting provider, while selecting it as your hosting partner?

The reasons may differ as per your current requirements. Let’s try to see a big picture, where you can host any type of website and at any time as per your choice without creating havoc out of it. Doesn’t that sound great?

Actually, we should always select a cheap web hosting uk provider that can be available for us round the clock and that helps to grow our website and eventually our business.

Taking all these things into consideration and keeping a high expectation from a hosting provider I decided to choose MilesWeb as my partner. And, now I think that my decision was worth taken.

This has encouraged me to write about MilesWeb and to answer that why anyone shall consider them as a hosting partner.

Let’s get started…

A glimpse about MilesWeb –

MilesWeb was started in the year 2012 with an aim to fill the gap between hosting requirements and the prices associated. Thus, MilesWeb understands your hosting requirements and offers you really affordable prices. The company believes in offering the best hosting features to their clients so that together both the parties can grow. Till date, they have hosted more than 1 million websites and have more than 10,000 happy customers.

Hosting a website with MilesWeb is very easy, all you have to do is choose the type of hosting that you need and buy it or contact them to clear any of your doubt. Let me help you to decide what hosting to choose.

With MilesWeb you can select any type of hosting as per your requirement.

1) Shared hosting :

If you are a web hosting beginner, web developer/ designer learner or even a student who is seeking for the cheapest hosting, then shared hosting is a good choice for you. This hosting allows you to host a website at just £.75/month. MilesWeb Hosting Services

Shared hosting is used to host a website that gets a low volume of traffic (within some 200-300 visitors) on a daily and monthly basis. In shared hosting, multiple websites are hosted on a single server and they all share the same hosting resources. Therefore, the chances of resources falling short may increase as the traffic to your website increases. Hence, it is advisable to choose the plan that will last for the long term with you.

2) Unlimited hosting :

Unlimited hosting functions in the same way as that of the shared hosting, the only difference is that you get the unlimited bandwidth with these hosting plans. MilesWeb has kept these options to satisfy the need of your website with low traffic as it will somehow compensate the need to extended resources.

The plus point: If you are a newbie looking for the domain name or want to search a new domain name then, with the Value and Unlimited plan you will get the free domain of your choice for the lifetime.

3) Reseller hosting :

MilesWeb UK-RHIn reseller hosting, you are allowed to select any plan and utilize any portion of it for your own business. Their all unlimited ssd reseller hosting plans are comes with free SSL certificate. The remaining portion can be resold to your customers at your own prices.

All the reselling plans from MilesWeb are 100% White Labeled that allows you to represent your brand name to your customers.

There are many web developers, who do the web hosting business with reseller plan along with their primary web development business.

The plus point: MilesWeb takes the responsibility to serve technical support service to your customers under your brand name.

4) Dedicated hosting :

In dedicated hosting, you get the separate server and its resources to host your website. Due, to the separate server you won’t fall short of the resources and can host a high volume of traffic website easily. It can handle thousands of visitors on a daily basis without affecting its functioning.

5) VPS hosting :

In VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting, multiple websites are hosted on a single server, but they all get separate resources, no two websites share the same resources. This means you can enjoy the benefits of dedicated hosting in the shared hosting environment. Thus, VPS is called a combination of both shared and dedicated hosting.

6) Cloud hosting :

Cloud hosting is considered as the highly secured hosting. If your data consists of confidential information that you cannot afford to share with anyone, then cloud hosting is the best choice for you. Many e-commerce websites are hosted on cloud hosting because they contain a large number of bank details and other forms of information from their customers.

In cloud hosting, your complete website data gets distributed on different virtual servers and cluster of these servers is called as a cloud. All the servers are built on cloud protocols that are not possible to hack thus, keeping your data safe from the viruses.

Plus point: In cloud hosting, you don’t have to select any specific plan and pay for it regardless of its usage to you. But, in this case, you are allowed to pay as per your usage. That means you need to pay only for the resources that are been used by you.

The above points can help you to figure out which type of hosting you should select.

The best features of MilesWeb hosting are :

1) Free Domain Name :

With their Value and Unlimited web hosting plans, you’ll get lifetime free domain name. So, you’ll no need to pay any extra amount for domain name.

2) Free SSL Certificate :

All the websites hosted with MilesWeb are eligible to get the SSL certificate for free.

3) Pure SSD Storage :

The SSD drives make your website performance 200 times faster than its previous speed.

4) Free Website Builder :

You can create your own website by simple drag and drop option with free website builder tool.

5) Latest PHP and MySQL :

All the plans of MilesWeb support the latest version of PHP and MySQL.

6) One-Click Installer :

You can install over 400 applications like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc. in just a click.

7) Free Website Migration :

The team takes the responsibility of transferring your website data from the current provider to MilesWeb server at free of cost.

Conclusion :

From the above said points, you can see that MilesWeb is capable to fulfill  your all types of hosting requirements. They have strong customer base right from small organizations to Big organizations who trust them.

MilesWeb give you :

1) 99.95% Uptime

2) 30 days money back guarantee

3) 24/7/365 days of technical support