Top 5 YouTube Campaigns and Know How They Work

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Do you need inspiration for your YouTube campaigns ? Do not look any further!

Seo Web Advisor

At SkWebDesignigSolution leading logo designing company we love to see the most outstanding and winning campaigns from around the world, because not only do we enjoy ourselves, but we always learn new things and get inspiring ideas. Therefore, I want to share with you 5 of my favorite YouTube campaigns and the reasons why they succeed.

5 Winning YouTube campaigns

1) Volvo Trucks

The product: trucks. The announcement: an incredible demonstration of its technical characteristics.

Why does it work?

  • For its spectacularity. It’s hard not to keep your mouth open.
  • For your sense of humor. The accent of the protagonist and the unexpected composition of the scene manage to make the spectator smile.

2) Dollar Shave Club

The product: razor blades for one dollar a month. The announcement: the director of the company explaining what the Dollar Shave Club consists of, with a fund of the most interesting and swear words in between.

Why does it work?

  • His totally absurd sense of humor connects well with the target audience (men aged 18 to 35) and follows the line of other similar products, such as Old Spice, while providing a refreshing vision.
  • The product is revolutionary and its benefits are very clear.
  • Make the most of a very tight budget to achieve the maximum viral impact.

3) Always: Like a Girl

The product: compresses. The announcement: better to see it …

Why does it work?

  • Because it contains a powerful and powerful message, at the same time that it presents a point of view on which we may have never reflected (what do expressions such as “fights like a girl” really mean?).
  • Because it presents girls and real women, with whom the public can identify.
  • Because it has absolutely nothing to do with the typical compress advertisements.

4) Squarespace

The product: web pages with an emphasis on an attractive design. The announcement: a short video of an entrepreneur talking about his vision.

Why does it work?

  • Because it shows the product and a case study, but it has an aspirational and non-promotional tone.
  • Because it manages to tell a story in a very short time, making it easy for users to see it from start to finish.
  • Because not only is it useful to generate brand notoriety among users who do not know it, but it is perfect for remarketing and conversion strategies.

5) Burger King

The product: Burger King’s new offer. The ad: two guys complaining about having to watch an ad before a YouTube video.

Why does it work?

  • Because it plays with the user’s expectations. To this day, users are tired of seeing advertising, especially when they are imposed to consume content that interests them. Burger King plays with this fact to laugh at herself.
  • Because it does not abuse the user’s patience. In just 14 seconds, you can move on to watch the video you were originally looking for.
  • Because it manages to show the product and the offer in a clear and effective way.
  • Because it uses the content sought by the user to offer personalized variants (there are up to 64 different ads in total).

Mordan Sean:

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