Step By Step Guide To Start A Career In Web Designing

Web Designing

Now-a-days, websites are making major part of any business industry, and the designers who designs web also play prominent role in the business marketing. This creates huge demand for the web designers.

Do you want to take part in this web designer’s business revolution? This blog gives you a step-by-step guide which helps to understand the required knowledge and skills to start a successful career in Web designing.

  1. Web Design Theory

Whatever the learning is, it’s must to learn the basic principles. While designing websites, some design rules need to learn. Designs provide the usability and visual appeal. The best design makes the user engaging.

“Good Art inspires. Good Design motivates” –OtlAicher

To learn the design principles, refer the book written by Steve Krug. I have mentioned in my previous post. To make a catchy design, learn color theory and the fundamental principles of visual hierarchy. There is a site called Daily UI Challenge which helps you to practice designs.

There is saying by Mahatma Gandhi “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” To sustain in your career, you should always keep you updated.

  1. Coding

When it comes to design, learning designing principles alone not enough to make a successful web design. You should have some programming language. There might be website builder sites but learning programming makes you to create design templates on your own.

HTML and CSS programming languages are the necessary skills in learning web designs. HTML helps you to design the structure of the web page, whereas CSS help to define the styles. Learn the programming using tutorials sites. In addition to these, you can learn javascript to create advance style standards based sites.

  1. Use Right Tools

Any business will be run better with the usage of advanced tools. Learn industry-standard tools if you are aiming the best IT industry.

Web designers need to learn graphic designs too. Most of the web designers explore the graphic designs to come up with a better design. Learn image editing, resizing and cropping images that would be helpful to fit the image in exact space for better viewing.

After Graphic designs, prototyping plays a keystone of web design. If the designers have this skill, they can validate their designs and make it better.

  1. Content Management Systems

Website must not be fulfilled without the better content. There are 1000s of content management systems over the Internet today, but WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal are the best choices by most of the designers. CMS is software that used to create powerful web content.

  1. SEO Rules

Designer work should not stop with the design. As a designer, you should also have some basic knowledge on SEO so that the website structure go well for search engine bot. SEO is a kind of optimization to make the page relevant and valued for the target audience. You can find millions of information in the internet about SEO.

  1. Testing

Web designers should test their design to ensure the pages are responsive, and optimized for all devices. Google Page speed Insights, Browser Stack, and cross Browser Testing are mostly used tools for testing the designs.

  1. Join Professional networks

If you want to be updated always in the industry, join some professional networks and social communities. These networks not only help to learn but also to solve your issues in the designs. Some of the notable design communities are Dribble, UX Mastery, and Web Designer Forum.

Focus on having offline professional contacts that will help you to land a best job. Most of the successful professionals are landed into a better job with help of their offline contacts.

  1. Accept criticism and Learn

Design will not come very perfect at the first time. Practice more designs with great hope. Accept the criticism and work on it. People who accept criticism always make a successful path in their career.

  1. Create Portfolio

To get hired in industry, companies need to know how well you are into design. The best way is to showcase your skill is creating a portfolio. Create your own website to exhibit your design skills and dexterity. Mix your design with personification elements to promote you in the industry.

  1. Communication

Completing all these above-said nine steps will not land you the best career in the web designing. In case, if you are working with groups, you need to share ideas or communicate with the clients, developers, so on. Here, without communication skill, one cannot make a roaring success in career.

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Skills cannot be learned in single day. It requires lot of practice. Take challenges and glitches as opportunity to learn. Aspire to learn web designing course in Chennai, there are ample course centers in Chennai to learn this course. If you follow these steps, then you can land in a successful career.Interested to know more.

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