How Women Entrepreneurs can Use Digital Marketing to their Advantage

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the new age version of bringing ideas, concepts and benefits about products to your doorstep. It uses measurable, targeted and focused, interactive marketing methodologies. It reaches and converts leads into customers, promoting brands, building preferences and increasing sales.

Most importantly, it is the most convenient and cost effective method of marketing. At minimal cost, it reaches the maximum bandwidth simply because of the global nature of the internet and web based services upon which digital marketing is hinged.

With businesses going digital Worldwide across the many forms of SEO, e-commerce, content marketing and social media, it is essential to make the World feel your business presence. For women entrepreneurs, considering they juggle multiple roles in society, Digital Marketing is the most fool proof method of making sure that a buzz is created for work and more.

Here are 5 ways how women entrepreneurs can use Digital Marketing to their advantage:

  1. Going Digitally Friendly: If you are a lady entrepreneur, tap into the networks of women who would be supportive of your endeavors. An easy way to do it is to make your website both user friendly in general and women friendly in specific. Upload content which gives your online visitor a great visual feel as well as a pretty good deal – light pastel colors which soothe the visitor, seasonal promos, great market deals, life hacks are a great way to get the buzz going among women. Remember women talk to one another and have a host of women centric spaces they inhabit and exchange notes in. With these Digital Marketing overtures, your business would inhabit that space too!
  2. Be Accessible: As women, one is brought up to be socially adept. Use this to your advantage in Digital Marketing as you make your business presence felt in social media across popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google plus etc. Gain a following and post updates. In this way keep current clients entertained and gain new followers! Engage with everyone as they get to know you and your growth is guaranteed. It is after all people who make businesses succeed. And Social Media is a great way of getting these people on board.
  3. The Marketing Genius: Women understand markets – the world wide fondness for shopping among women is proof of that. To translate the real life marketing genius in you and nurture it to further growth, you must look at building a top quality SEO or Search Engine Optimization as it is called. An SEO is sure to send regular traffic and visitors and the process soon will get organic with you having to do little or nothing except updating on your work from time to time.
  4. Blog: Blog in Digital Marketing is what regular advertisements and columns in real life newspapers. It can feature business updates, announcements, articles, trends and much more keeping you in the eye of those who already follow you and encouraging others who are looking for inspiration to find you. Channeling your marketing genius, boosting from your accessibility on social media and going digitally friendly with a touch of some great SEO measures, this is a sure shot way to attract footfalls into your business.
  5. Vlog: Vlog is the next big thing in Video and Digital Marketing. Essentially a blog but in Video format, it is a cost effective advertisement or short film of sorts which can be on your work, or a related video bit which promotes your brand. You can upload them on your own website through various video sharing platforms or independently maintain a channel which gathers its own followers. Given that Digital Marketing takes off in an online space, this is infinitely less expensive than any other media promotion.

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