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On July 24th2018, Tuesday Search engine marketing managers were embraced with Google’s brand-new update for its ads platform, acknowledged as AdWords for past 8 years.

One has to log in from Google Ads from and into AdWords from The recent logo is seen on the introductory welcome pageat the top of its web interface.

So we know that, Google AdWords is no longer Google AdWords. Rather Google AdWords have shifted to a fresh new platform named Google Ads.

But still, Google Ads will carry out few identical features and network of that of Google AdWords. They are:

  • Search network
  • Display network
  • Video

Google made it very clear that the newly released platform will not create any impact on your campaign performance, navigation or reporting.

So, the main question is what’s going to change and where?

This changed Google Ads program will mainly target on the comfort of multi-channel advertising, and connecting all networks for a smooth exposure.

Hence, Google Ads is an updated version of Google AdWords where the user will get the same features and even more tools to enhance their experience.

Now one can see 3menu bars instead of 2 on the main Ads page and bulk options have given more importance.

Changes in search campaign:

  • This update has taken up a smart bidding option termed as portfolio biding. This helps you to maximize the performance.
  • Goals are brought in new feature in search campaign which will help the Google bots to analyze and drive you higher conversions.
  • Earlier, Demography was not under search campaign which is introduced in the new interface which will now enhance the targeting option.
  • Search and display ads can be combined and is an option which is driven under search campaign now.
  • Promo code extension is also introduced. So you can add promo code in your extension only.
  • This update resides an added headline of 30 characters with one 80 character description line.

Display campaign:

This campaign is ideal for a well-developed websites and websites with enormous inventory. These features will enhance your reach of

Display Campaign.

  • The new feature will automatically hitch extra traffic from your standard campaign. You can even use specific landing pages from standard as groups to find increase in traffic.
  • This will direct traffic directly to the important pages of your website.
  • Audience is a new option for calculating conversions.


  • Campaign grouping is introduced through which one can watch reports of 2 campaigns in a single group.
  • All new customization options have given the landing pages a fresh rebuild.
  • By using the all new Google Ads add-on in Google sheets time on reporting can be saved very easily. And with this you can view your work immediately.
  • Date go examination diagrams. You can realize the additional over different tabs inside a comparable sheet. Assume you have to inspect data between two periods, each with a specific date expand. You can realize the additional on two separate tabs, each addressing a time. You would then have the capacity to pull the examinations from these two date ranges into a third tab for uncovering purposes.
  • Roll-up reports. Use import ranges to pull data from each report. You can make diagram reports that climb comes to fruition as a result of various more diminutive reports.
  • Finally, use the additional to solidify moved limits from Sheets into your reports. For example, you can use the Open Solver add-on to figure spending using impression offer and execution data.


  • Affiliate location extensions are also brought in for a while now. Advertisers can now access directly to these location extensions to get a easier sales on YouTube.
  • For sharing details about account performance with your business via notes.

If you are using AdWords , you need to get updated with the new version so as to assure your earlier URL and parallel tarcking changes are not deleted. Some older edits at Google Adwords campaigns, ad groups , keywords, ads or extension may get dropped , so do get your work in the new Ads platform.

The last due date to drift to Google Ads is October 30th ,2018.

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