Facebook to Bring “Add a Link” Feature in Coming Days


The social media giant, Facebook, is expected to bring “Add a Link” button in coming days. As per Search Rank India, the leading Social Media Optimization Company in India, this new feature will make it easy for the user to search and share links from their mobile devices. Facebook is currently using its more than one trillion indexed post to make link share easy on mobile devices.

In addition, the new “Add a Link” feature will initially launch for iOS users and if it becomes successful, Facebook will offer it to the Android and Windows users. The “Add a Link” button will appear alongside the options to share Photos and Location. After the launch of this new feature, users will be able to get desired content for their search query on the Facebook search box itself.

They don’t need to post the URL of the website in order to post the desired content. Let’s tell you how the new “Add a Link” feature will work. Whenever you will type a search term in the Facebook search box, you’ll get targeted links in the drop down menu. Using this feature, you would easily add a targeted link into your Facebook page feed.

Moreover, only popular websites within the Facebook app will come in the drop down menu. This new feature will help the Facebook to get useful data including the users’ news and content preferences. Those data can be beneficial in serving the targeted ad as per the users taste. If this feature becomes popular amongst the mobile users, it could harm the business of Google which is currently riding on success by launching mobile-friendly update.

Besides the Add a Link button, Facebook is also planning to feature quick-loading editorial and video content directly from the renowned publishers, like of NBC News and The New York Times.