13 Content Marketing Strategies to Differentiate Your Brand


If you have been doing content marketing for a while , you surely know how difficult it is to continuously produce ideas to differentiate your brand, captivate followers and stand out from the competition.

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To lend you a cable, today one of the renowned digital marketing school; Abu Dhabi preschool have compiled 13 content marketing strategies recommended by the experts of Forbes to give a return to your content and keep surprising. Let’s go there!

    1. Find your niche. All the sectors and companies that exist need to be promoted in one way or another, so we are facing an almost limitless panorama. In the same way, the needs and perspectives of users are tremendously varied. So if you want to be successful with your content marketing, the key is to look for a niche market that is still to be explored and create contents specially dedicated for it.
    2. Highlight your unique points . All brands have something that differentiates them from the rest, so make sure you highlight it in your content and make your features virtue.
    3. Show the benefits . All your content must provide clear value to consumers. After all, that is the reason why you are consuming your content. The key to differentiating your brand is not talking about yourself all the time, but really putting yourself in the shoes of your potential audience.
    4. Focus on educating and helping . As a basis for your content marketing strategy , do not think about SEO, but how you can throw a cable to users. Respond to the questions that users need to know, and make the design of your sites easy to read, understand and share.
    5. Make your own surveys . One of the simplest ways to position yourself as a leader in your sector is to conduct specialized surveys. Then, you can present the results in different formats and attract media attention with the data.

  1. Create video content . If you want the public to remember you, the video is king. The video content increases the chances that your audience will really pay attention to the content, since it “catches” us like no other. The keys to make it work are to focus on the style of your brand and make it as short and simple as possible.
  2. Fill in the gaps of the competition . Investigate what your competitors are doing with your content marketing: go to their websites, click on the ads, sign up for their newsletters and follow their social media channels. Analyze the topics of which they speak and the formats they use and try to detect what is still to be done. You got it? Well now, get to work!
  3. Ask your team for help . The content marketing strategy should involve the entire company, not just the marketing department. Partners from different departments can provide new perspectives and help you renew your content.
  4. Be true to your style . It is difficult to differentiate your brand if you are not clear about your style and positioning. Finding it requires analyzing in detail everything that your brand represents and understanding what its value in the market is really. Only then can you create content that really makes a difference.
  5. Turn your customers’ questions into content . During the last few years, SEO has given a change of direction to start focusing on intentionality and not just isolated keywords. Take advantage of this trend in your content marketing to convert the doubts of your customers into new pieces of content.
  6. Dare to have an opinion . Most brands bet on insurance in regard to the theme and style of their content. Therefore, to differentiate your brand, it is necessary to take risks. Share your experience in detail, be open and do not be afraid to make your opinion clear. Maybe you lose some followers, but you will gain distinction and brand image.
  7. Take advantage of the news and trends . To keep your content strategy fresh and up-to-date, there’s nothing better than looking around. Be aware of what is happening in the world and in your sector and use it to create current contents.
  8. Check your data and experience . Take the time to analyze your metrics and see what content works best and why. From this information, combine the type of content that you already know that your audience wants to read with experiments to continue learning.

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